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People have many reasons to study

1. Now days a lot of people attend colleges and universities. People have many reasons to study. I`m going to tell about 3 of them.

2. Everybody wants to be clever and have a well-paid job. As for me I want to be a nice teacher and give concerts in different cities.

Now I work in a music school. There are 5 kids who go to my lessons. Every week we learn new pieces. Besides, I give concerts with students at the Conservatory and museums.

3. Along with, everybody wants to be beneficial to society. For example: doctors, policemen, teachers. Correspondingly you must attentively choose profession and college or universities. You should think about developing society and science. They prepare us to life and science discovery.

4. In addition a lot of people want to have much money. They also want to live wealthy life and choose a profession such as lawyer, manager, accountant. But not everybody can find a well-paid job in their major.

5. To sum up brie fly If you want to have a lot of money, attend to universities and study hard. You can choose another institute, in which you get beloved profession and may be you will not have enough money, but it will be your favorite job.

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People have many reasons to study